The St. Vincent Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens is situated in Kingstown, the capital city of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This botanic garden is the second oldest botanic garden in the Western Hemisphere, ranking only behind Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many believe that this Botanic Gardens is the oldest garden of this type in the tropics. Since the mid 1700s rare plant species have been cultivated here and the gardens contain the Nicholas Wildlife Aviary, where a captive breeding program was established for the conservation of the St. Vincent Amazon parrot. In 1763 Robert Melville, who had just been appointed as the new governor for the southern British Caribbean islands, made the decision to start a botanic garden. The main purpose was to provide medical herbs and plants for the military on the island, but this step was also taken to improve the life of the colonists.

The entire Botanic Gardens covers an area of around 20 acres, and there are a wide range of plant species and blooms to see. This is one of the top sites visited by people who come to St. Vincent, and it is used for weddings, celebrations, and other special events. The gardens are a landmark with a rich history and incredible cultural significance, and the number of rare plant species is large. The Nicholas Wildlife Aviary captive breeding program also provides a glimpse of the endangered St. Vincent Amazon parrot at times. There is something for everyone in this natural paradise.

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