The Fig Tree

The Fig Tree is located on Bequia, and this local restaurant provides great creole cuisine and stunning views so it is a popular choice. The hours of operation change depending on the season. From November through March the Fig Tree opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 10 in the evening. During the off season from April through October the restaurant does not open until 11 in the morning and it closes at 8 in the evening.

Traditional Caribbean dishes like Rotis, Callaloo Soup, Conch Souse, and others can be found on the menu here, and guests are assured of the highest quality and the freshest possible ingredients. The menu will vary depending on what is in season so there is usually something new and exciting all the time. The views of Admiralty Bay, and the boats that sail in and out of it, are exquisite and this is a very popular eatery on Bequia.

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