The Falls of Baleine

The Falls of Baleine are located at the northernmost point of the island’s leeward coast, situated among volcanic formations and cliffs that are incredibly steep. This attraction can be very hard to reach at times, depending on the ocean swells, and it is a natural attraction which is unique and incredibly beautiful. A waterfall tumbles down 60 feet, landing in a pool that is lined by rocks. The most common way to visit the Falls of Baleine is by boat, but there is another route that can be taken. There is a coastal trail leading from Fancy to the Falls of Baleine but this trail is very long and is exposed to the elements.

A visit to the Falls of Baleine is worth the effort needed to get there. This site is a favorite with local residents as well as visitors and tourists, and it is a great place for swimming. There are moorings for anchoring boats, a bridge, and even a footpath to make it easier for visitors to enjoy the Falls of Baleine. Many call this natural attraction one of the most beautiful and awe inspiring places that the island offers.

Featured image Flickr/ctsnow

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