The DeckHouse Bequia

The Deckhouse Bequia is a fine waterfront restaurant that offers a unique dining experience. The restaurant is located at the Deckhouse Bed and Breakfast on the island of Bequia, and the public is always welcome during open hours. This establishment is open from 11am to 10pm Tuesday through Saturday during the in season, and there is also a Sunday Brunch held from 9am until 1pm on Sundays during the season. The menu offerings are all light yet incredibly satisfying, with Caribbean cuisine created from the freshest possible local ingredients. Reservations are recommended here because of the high popularity of this restaurant and the limited hours of operation.

The Deckhouse Bequia has a menu that is always changing as the local ingredients available change, so that guests enjoy top quality food at prices which are reasonable for the area and the type of restaurant that the Deckhouse is. The in season starts December 1 and continues through May 1.

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