St. George’s Anglican Cathedral

St. George’s Anglican Cathedral on St. Vincent was built in the 1800s, and it is the Diocese of the Windward Islands mother church. One of the most striking features of this historical structure is the stained glass windows in the church. Construction for the current church was located over the site of an earlier church which was destroyed by a hurricane in the late 1700s. St. George’s Anglican Cathedral was dedicated in the year 1820 and it cost 47,000 pounds to build. This cathedral is the biggest church on the island of St. Vincent, and there is a gilded wood chandelier which is very impressive. The exquisite stained glass windows were not part of the original design, these were added more recently.

There are a number of unique adornments and features of St. George’s Anglican Cathedral. A brass lectern with an eagle shape and a white marble font were added in memorial for Archdeacon Turpin, along with a mahogany pulpit that is circular in shape. There are 3 stained glass windows above the high altar that depict scenes that include the church patron St. George, the Virgin Mary, St. Michael, and other biblical people. One stained glass window scene shows the crucifixion of Christ. The original St. George’s Anglican Cathedral had a cupola installed to cover the steeple but this feature was lost to a hurricane in 1898. The two church transepts were added after the initial structure was built, and these were added in the 1880s.

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