Princess Margaret Beach

Princess Margaret Beach is a quiet and picturesque beach that is located close to the Belmont Walkway in Port Elizabeth, and a water taxi or land cab will usually be needed to reach this beach on the island of Bequia. There is a long steep path that leads to the beach area but it can be tricky and may be blocked at times. The beach area is quite wide, and there is a natural arch made of stone at one end of the sandy expanse. This is a good spot to relax in the sun, swim, snorkle, and walk along the beautiful beach enjoying the gorgeous views and the quiet setting.

The Princess Margaret Beach is named this way because Princess Margaret visited the area and swam at this exact beach. There are numerous palm trees and sea grapes to provide shade, and when hunger hits Jack’s Bar is situated right here. The sandy beach is unspoiled and provides a welcome respite from crowds and the hustle and bustle of daily life in other places. The Princess Margaret beach is a popular spot but it never seems crowded, and there are public toilets available. Visitors can quench their thirst or grab a bite at the local restaurant on the beach and make a day of it.

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