Owia Salt Pond

St. Vincent Owia Salt Pond is a unique and interesting place, where bathing is permitted. The salt pond is constantly being rejuvenated as the waves come over the volcanic boulders, yet it is protected from rough seas by these same rocks. Many compare this salt pond to an outdoor aquarium. Reef fish often make their way into the pond, and there are even formations of coral that may grow here. The small fishing village of Owia is close by and is the home of the Black Caribs, one of the two groups of indigenous people on St. Vincent. Reaching the Owia Salt Pond involves going down a long flight of wooden steps after parking in the lot at the top of the cliff.

The Owia Salt Pond has been used for therapeutic purposes in the past, and bathing is still allowed in the pond today. Visitors can access the site from 9am until 6pm each day, but there are certain rules that must be followed. Smoking or playing loud music is prohibited, and glass bottles are not allowed on the site. Nude bathing is not allowed, and children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult while in the pond pool. This salt pond was formed from a volcanic eruption and is a very popular attraction.



Photo: Kentake Chinyelu-Hope

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