Moonhole is a unique community which is located at the southwestern tip of the island of Bequia, and it has a private beach, rental homes and villas, and a quaint charm. Tom and Gladys Johnston started Moonhole in the 1960s, with the idea of keeping the structures in harmony with the environment and the natural surroundings. There is an exquisite white sand beach that is private, and the architecture of the community is incredibly unique. There are 20 homes, some of which are rented on a weekly basis, and these dwellings seem to sprout from the rocks that they are built into.

Visitors to Moonhole for the first time are delighted and amazed at this unusual community. All of the homes are created from natural materials, and they are connected by steep staircases that seem to cling to the rocky terrain. The views from the community are exquisite and the solitude that can be found on this private property is absolute. The homes are created from a variety of materials found in the area. Volcanic rock, hardwoods, and other materials were used for construction. Many of the homes have features and embellishments designed from things like shells and whale bones.

Moonhole is an ideal retreat for writers, artists, ad even executives who want to get away from the outside world. There is no running water or electricity anywhere in this community but that does not stop visitors from coming here. The charm and peace that Moonhole provides, and the unusual formation and appearance, make this attraction one that is unforgettable, Some of the homes and villas in Moonhole are for rent on a weekly basis, and some are for sale as well. This is a great way to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean while also getting away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

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