Montreal Gardens

The St. Vincent Montreal Gardens is located at the Montreal Estate, and this attraction is a must see for anyone who enjoys lush natural beauty and a variety of plants. These gardens are situated at 1,500 feet above sea level, and they are surrounded by the rain forest and banana plantations. The Montreal Gardens cover seven and a half acres of the island and the public is always welcome. Many cruise ships arrange for a visit to this attraction for their passengers. There are 3 different sections of garden to walk through. The Rain Forest Garden, the Colour Garden, and the Formal Garden all offer something different and appealing to visitors, and each has it’s own charm and a variety of plant species.

One reason for the lush beauty of the Montreal Gardens on St. Vincent is the rich and fertile volcanic soil. The cool and quiet atmosphere allows visitors to enjoy the natural surroundings and the range of incredible views. The Rain Forest Garden features a trail through the rainforest, alongside a small river. The Colour Garden features many exotic plants and flowers that create a colorful backdrop. The Formal Garden is a sunken garden, with typical box planting arrangements. Montreal Gardens is a very popular attraction for visitors to the island.

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