Lower Bay Beach

Lower Bay Beach on Bequia is a top choice for swimming and snorkeling, and there are a number of beach front restaurants for visitors to choose from right here. The beach is a broad expanse of soft sand set against the turquoise sea, with plenty of marine life for those who enjoy the view underwater. The surf is usually gentle, making Lower Bay Beach a great place to swim and frolic in the water. Palm trees fringe the sand and the view is always fantastic. The beach is ideal for swimming because it is protected from the rough seas by Admiralty Bay, and there are a number of places to stay or rent in the area for guests to Bequia.

There are water sports available on Lower Bay Beach, and there are several ways to reach the sands here. A land taxi can get visitors close, or a water taxi can take people right to the beach by way of the water. It is also possible to reach Lower Bay Beach by taking a log and healthy hike from town for those who are up to this activity. This beach is south of both Princess Margaret Beach and Port Elizabeth, and well worth a visit.

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