Kingstown Market

The St. Vincent Kingstown Market is a unique one of the kind experience, one that should not be missed. The main produce market in this city is situated between Bedford Street and Hillsborough Street, and locals recommend going on either Friday or Saturday because this is when the most stalls and vendors are available. The Kingstown Market has stalls which offer an incredible variety of fruits, vegetables, spices, and other foodstuffs. There is a fish market located near the main bus terminal, where the freshest seafood possible can be found and visitors can watch the vendors clean, scale, and cut up the seafood right on the premises.

The central Kingstown Market is situated along Long Lane, and visitors will find boutiques, street vendors, stalls, and other shopping opportunities. There are conveniently located ATMs and banks in this area as well. The vendors and stall owners are very friendly, taking the time to explain what they are selling and answer any questions that a customer may have. Many days the Kingstown Market on St. Vincent is crowded and noisy, and visitors can experience the culture of this Caribbean nation firsthand. Locals and tourists walk side by side through the market areas.

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