Hope Bay Beach

Hope Bay Beach is one of the more secluded beaches on Bequia, and it faces the windward side of the island. To reach this white sand beach a taxi ride and then a long hike is required, but the seclusion and privacy found on this stretch of sand makes the entire trip worth it. Some visitors come to this spot to sunbathe in the nude so anyone headed here should not be surprised if they find nude sunbathing.

The Hope Bay Beach on Bequia has a crescent shape which is unusual, but there are no amenities or facilities on this beach to use. If a taxi is taken it is a good idea to arrange for the driver to return at a specified time in order to ensure that there is transportation. Since there are no facilities at Hope Bay Beach visitors who plan on staying for some time should bring food and drinks if needed. There is an undertow in the shallow surf so swimming is not recommended.

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