Friendship Bay

Friendship Bay is situated on the mid southern coast of Bequia, and the beach here is protected in order to preserve the natural environment. The beach area is shaped like a horseshoe and it stretches for around a mile. The views are spectacular and the area is great for snorkeling and swimming. The beach at Friendship Bay is sheltered from the rough waters and the sand is golden and inviting. Visitors will find hotels, restaurants, beach bars, and even villas, homes, and apartments for rent. At the western end of this beach LaPompe can be found. This charming village offers a leisurely pace and many fishing boats.

Visitors to the beach at Friendship Bay may get to see the famous Gumboats, which are built right on the shores of Bequia and which are raced in the area. Those looking for food and drink can find it at one of the local restaurants which include the Bagatelle Grill at the Bequia Beach Hotel. The warm and beautiful sand, the blue green waters and stunning marine life, and all of the amenities make Friendship Bay a popular choice for visitors and residents both. There is even a dive shop here for those who want to spend time diving in the waters off the sand.

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