Frangipani is a very popular restaurant and bar on the island of Bequia, and it is located with a hotel of the same name. The Frangipani Beach Bar is an open air bar on the waterfront, and this popular bar is listed as one of the 100 most popular around the globe. The restaurant area of Frangipani has an exceptional selection of imported wines and fine menu offerings that pair exceptionally well together.

Gourmet cuisine with a West Indian flair and a wine list that is very extensive and that represents fine quality make Frangipani Restaurant a top choice for those who can afford it. The waterfront location guarantees excellent views of Admiralty Bay and the various boats that arrive and depart. All of the ingredients used for drinks and food items are sourced locally and are the finest that the islands can offer. The Frangipani is famous for the bar which are incredibly appealing.

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