Flow Wine Bar & Kitchen

The St. Vincent Flow Wine Bar & Kitchen offers wine, beer, and delicious food for a combination that can not be beat. This restaurant and bar is situated in the capital city of Kingston, and they specialize in casual dining that is also elegant and sensual at the same time. This restaurant offers food that pairs perfectly with the wines and beers offered, and small plates are what this elegant eatery does best. Guests can choose from nibbles like cheese straws and fries, or they can order a complete meal with the fabulous specials that are listed. Salads, soups, sandwiches, pastas, and even flatbread pizzas are available as well as main dishes and featured specials. Desserts are also on the menu for those who want to end the meal or snack on a sweet note. Flow Wine Bar & Kitchen is a popular choice for those who enjoy casual dining and drinks with an upscale twist.

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