Firefly Plantation Restaurant Bequia

Firefly Plantation Restaurant Bequia is situated close to Port Elizabeth on the Firefly Plantation, and the bar and restaurant is open to the public as well as resort guests who stay here. Residents are often found dining at the Firefly Plantation Restaurant Bequia along side visitors and tourists because of the fabulous menu and terrific food. During the busiest season of the year the restaurant holds special events like Creole nights and special BBQ menus, and the setting is incredible. Guests are seated in an open air setting with fantastic views. The menu changes frequently and is based on local sourcing and the freshest possible ingredients, both from the plantation itself and from neighboring farms and markets. Traditional Caribbean fare is served with modern changes, providing the best of both. The Firefly Plantation Restaurant Bequia is reasonably priced, and it is open for all 3 main meals as well as cocktails, afternoon tea, and even snacks at sunset.

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