Driftwood in St. Vincent first opened in the month of October in 2008, and it quickly became a popular choice for visitors and residents both. This fantastic restaurant was responsible for introducing Italian style pizzas to the island, and the menu also includes Mediterranean cuisine that has a twist of the Caribbean included. Diners can enjoy the exquisite views while they relax and enjoy the food, looking out at the Blue Lagoon. Driftwood restaurant offers guests salads, soups, pasta, casual fare, specials, and their famous pizzas in a variety of toppings. There are seafood pizzas, meat specialties, and even vegetarian options like the pesto pizza. Diners can also choose from grilled entrees that can include steak or the local catch of the day. Driftwood offers great food, a fun and inviting atmosphere, gorgeous view, and prices that are considered reasonable for the area and the quality of the ingredients.

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