Bequia Island

Bequia is one of the islands that make up the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and it is the second largest out of all the islands. This island covers 7 square miles and it is a popular destination for visitors who want to enjoy a tropical island paradise. The population of Bequia is approximately 4,300 people. The annual Easter Regatta is held here, and a number of expats also call this charming island home.

The History of Bequia

The history of Bequia is fascinating. The island in the past changed hands frequently, with the British and the French attempting to seize it. The inaccessibility of Bequia made it almost impossible to colonize, and it was used by native Black Carib and Arawak populations for farming and fishing. In the early 1800s sugar plantations were started on Bequia by settlers, and this led to other products being produced and exported. Many believe that this island was a favorite spot and home base of the well renown pirate Edward Teach. Today tourism plays a big role in the economy of Bequia.

Getting There

Getting to Bequia requires either a flight or a trip on a boat since it is an island that has no connecting bridges to other islands in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Most people who fly take a flight into Barbados and then connect to a direct flight to Bequia. This island is also a popular spot for yacht owners and those who own other types of boats, with a port available for boat  traffic to and from Bequia. There is an inter island ferry service that routinely stops at Bequia as well.


There are many shopping opportunities offered on Bequia, for tourists and residents both. You will not find large malls or outlet stores, but there are many small boutiques, grocery stores, liquor stores, gift shops, and even a local produce market and numerous stalls where food and other items can be purchased. The Bayshore Mall offers a number of charming boutiques, a bank, and a travel agent under one roof.


Diving around the island of Bequia offers some of the most incredible sights and marine species that can be found. Coral reefs, shipwrecks from the past, underwater walls, and even areas with fast drifts can all be found here. There is something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or you have years of diving experience. Popular dive sites include Ship’s Stern, the Boulders, Moonhole, Stratmann Wreck, West Cay Wall, Moonhole Cove, Brown’s Bay, Devil’s Table, Moonhole Wreck, Three Wrecks, and Robin’s Reef.


There are several forms of transportation that can be used to get around the island of Bequia. There are public transportation options that include buses and ferries, there are car rentals that can be arranged, and even private taxis are available for those who need to get somewhere. Dollar vans are inexpensive methods of transportation, and both boat and car taxis are available as well. There are also bikes for hire for those who wish to use this method of transportation and take a slower and more scenic route.