Bequia Beach Hotel

The Bequia Beach Hotel offers fantastic views, comfortable and luxurious accommodations, and a wide range of room and villa types to choose from. A private beach is just one of the many amenities that can be found at this hotel in Bequia. The estate villa is a private villa with 2 master bedrooms and 2 twin bedrooms, each with a private bath. The Beachfront Suites offer suites right on the beach, for exquisite views and incredible luxury. The Ocean Suites also have an ocean front setting without skimping on beauty or service. Guests can choose a Private Villa with pool for privacy and seclusion, with a convenient pool all to themselves. The One Bedroom Villa option may be perfect for a honeymoon or even just time alone together.

The Bequia Beach Hotel also offers a Classic Pool Room, a Family Suite, a Sea View Room, and a Penthouse Suite Hideaway complete with a spiral staircase entrance. All of the rooms and suites offer tasteful and beautiful furnishings, chosen for looks and for comfort both. Guests can access WiFi, personal phone lines in each room, and even a chef for personal use for an extra charge. The entire hotel compound has private security, and each room, suite, and villa has a security safe included. Rates can start as low as a few hundred dollars a night and run up into more than $12,000 for a week at the Estate Villa. The season at the time of the stay also affects the rates that are charged for each room, suite, and villa at the Bequia Beach Hotel.

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