Basil’s Bar and Restaurant

Basil’s Bar and Restaurant is situated in Kingstown, the capital city, close to the Cobblestone Inn. Diners can relax and eat in air conditioned comfort, and WiFi is readily available. For lunch guests have a choice of ordering from the menu or choosing the exceptional lunch buffet, which offers West Indian specialties that are sure to please. Basil’s Bar and Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant opens at 8 am every day except Sunday, and closes at midnight. The restaurant is closed all day on Sunday. The menu includes global favorites such as steak, the freshest seafood imaginable, and Caribbean specialties like Roti to choose from. Basil’s Bar and Restaurant offers an elegant dining experience with an upscale appeal, making it a great place to go for anyone who wants to enjoy fine dining in a tropical atmosphere. The prices may seem somewhat high at times but they reflect the quality of the ingredients and the menu selections available.

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